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Dr. Wilson Leung

We at Wilson W. Leung D.D.S., consider it the ultimate compliment when our patients refer their family and friends to us for treatment. The following patients have gone a step further by allowing us to share their comments with you. This way you can see for yourself the kind of dentistry we provide.

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "Best dentist and office I've ever been to! All of the assistants and staff are so friendly and the service is amazing. Dr. Leung is a great dentist and makes my appointments as painless as possible, and I'm definitely at ease throughout my entire appointment. Not to mention, the office is CLEAN, and they have tv's in every room that make the time pass by incredibly quickly. I highly recommend Dr. Leung!"
    By Tiffany H., on: 10/28/2014
  • "I was referred by my co-worker, I went for check-up and cleaning, and was really impressed!! Super friendly and knowledgeable staff and Dr Leung is friendly, easy going, and gentle! They really do listen to you! I got my cavities filled which for the 1st time ever in my life, it was painless!! NO SHOTS necessary!! Since then I immediatly had my husband schedule an appt. And then our 2 yr old daughter. They have given my daughter a positive first experience w/ the dentist and made it exciting and fun for her! She likes to go see the dentist! This was all a year ago, and I am proud to say Dr Leung is our family dentist!! *smiles*"
    By June J., on: 07/21/2014
  • "Since 2007, I have been a patient of Dr. Wilson Leung and his team. Over the years, I saw how beautiful the company and staff has grown for the benefits of its patients. The building went through a remodel with a glamorous resetting. Each individual worksite is equipped with the most up-to-date machines and dental programs to help receive better diagnoses of dental issues. The whole entire office is above medical standard clean. One will not see a single dust or a spot in the office. Even the restroom in the office is quite nice."
    By Mike L., on: 09/25/13 update
  • "The staff itself is very courteous and warm-hearted. They pay attention to one's needs and listen to one’s problems. Scheduling with the staff is a breeze and their professionalism is unremarkable and untouched. They provide friendly reminders of appointments by mail and telephone. Moreover, the staff never overschedules Dr. Leung. I have yet to wait in the waiting room for more than five minutes before getting pulled in for dental work. It is truly a blessing to have appointments and have work done at the times they were promise by any company."
    By Mike L., on: 09/25/13 update
  • "As far as Dr. Wilson and his dental assistants, they are very informative and knowledgeable in their field. They inform one about the procedure before they begin, so one will know what to expect throughout the whole ordeal. After the procedure, advice is given about the current condition of one’s gums and teeth and recommendations are also provided, to prevent further damage ( i.e. if you are brushing too hard like I tend to). In addition, when filling or drilling a tooth, Dr. Leung is, so gentle that no anesthesia is needed for me."
    By Mike L., on: 09/25/13 update
  • "Once again, they have done much dental work for me and is the only doctor that I pursue for dental work. If the service is not offered through Dr. Leung, his professional network is amazing too. I have been referred-out, twice to doctors of his choice for extractions and more."
    By Mike L., on: 09/25/13 update
  • "Yes, I still commute from Sacramento, Ca to Hayward, Ca (80 mile drive) to receive work. In my opinion, finding any sort doctor that cares, is genuine, passionate and humorous is hard to find in this new age we live in. Dr. Leung is my diamond in the rough; My dentist of choice."
    By Mike L., on: 09/25/13 update
  • "I would like to thank Dr. Wilson and Staff for the great service they have provided to me and many others like me."
    By Mike L., on: 09/25/13 update
  • "I started coming here after an emergency root canal was needed. Happened on a Sunday night and he saw me first thing on Monday. Since I was bad and wasn't going to the dentist for a while, he could tell I was very nervous. His staff took their time with me and let me take breaks in between working on my mouth so I could relax. First time I was there, I left with a bottle of sparkling apple cider. :) Non-alcoholic sillies! :)"
    By Kim T. on: 02/16/2012
  • "Ever since then I have been loyal, even when he became out of network for me! I have been going there for lots of different work now.. first the root canal, then crown, then cavities (boy did I have a lot before), now just maintenance while I'm getting my braces done. :)

    Dr. Leung & his staff are wonderful and always make me laugh. They really do listen to your concerns and try to ease any fears you might have. You can feel the positive energy from them."
    By Kim T. on: 02/16/2012 update
  • "Wilson is a great dentist. Always very friendly and personable. The facilities have been recently remodeled and is a very nice place to go for sometimes uncomfortable procedures. The friendly staff always tries to make your visit a good experience."
    By Philip L on: 10/01/2010
  • "I have been going to Dr. Leung off and on for about 20 years. He is the best dentist I ever had! Dr. Leung & his office staff are always helpful, cheerful, friendly and knowledgeable. My 5 year old loves to come see them!! (kid friendly)"
    By Dee, on: 04/13/2009
  • "So today paid Dr. Wilson a visit to his office for a teeth whitening. All I could say is that he has an extraordinary staff who are very professional at what they do. The whole office was very presentable itself. Even the restroom was presentable. Well like I said, I went in there to get a teeth whitening and the assistants were really nice. As for me, my teeth is now 5 to 6 shades lighter than what they use to me. Upload the Pictures doc. Supposedly a record for Wilson. I am very pleased with service and respect I received from them today. I would recommend anyone to pay him a visit, if you need dental work or just a plain check up. P.S. Wilson is going to be my new dentist. I live in Sacramento too and I have to drive to Hayward for this too. Reason being is that I can't find a good dentist in Sacramento and the treatment I received from Wilson and his staff is, hands down, the best I received so far. Thanks for everything today."
    By Mike L on: October 19, 2007, 09:53:57 PM
  • "Great Dentist: I have been going to Dr. Leung for about 3 years. I am always greeted with a smile and made very comfortable. He has a very professional and very friendly staff that makes going to the dentist quite fun."
    By Aaron B. on: 08/16/2004

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